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How to reach:

Reaching Bhedetar is very easy. Anyone can reach  Bhedetar from Kakadbhitta Border from Eastern Nepal, from the south border Jogbani and in flight . People can get the flight from Kathmandu-Biratnagar and get the taxi or private vehicle from Biratnagar to Dharan and from Dharan its nearly 16 kms hilly roads. 

how to reach bhedetar

Celebrate vacations, holidays, honeymoon at Bhedetar. Enjoy the cool weather even in summer. 

About Bhedetar

Bhedetar lies in sunsari District of Koshi Zone.It is located at 16 km north from Dharan. Bhedetar is one of the beautiful place of our country, Nepal which cannot be missed by any visitors or tourists. In past, people of Hilly region took Bhedetar as ‘ Gateway ‘ to Dharan.But now, Bhedetar is the heart of our Eastern Region and best place for tourism.

It is said that the name Bhedetar was given by the travellers themselves.   There were lots of sheep/Bheda in this place, so they named the place as Bhedetar.

There is a built tower often known as ‘ Charles tower’ which allows people to view beautiful Dharan, green landscapes and some mysteriously beautiful hills. The tower was made by the village committee after Prince Charles Britain stopped to have a look from there. Bhedetar is the place which remains cool throughout the year therefore people come here to escape the summer heat.

Bhedetar is now well developed tourism sector, where tourists from various countries come to enjoy their holidays, vacation, spent good times with family,relatives and loved ones. You may feel it’s not a lot while reading this, but apart from rafting, boating, paragliding and trekking, if you are looking for some cool and peaceful place with a great view, Bhedetar is definitely your answer.

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Bhedetar is the best place for tourism. It consist of hill stations and mountains. 

It is famous for its unpredictable weather - a moment it hides itself in the blanket of thick fog and another moment it reveals itself as the crown of urban Dharan. Bhedetar is not just for a relaxed holiday. The place has something to offer for thrill seekers as well. Nine km down the trail, there is the Namaste Waterfall, which the locals also call Simsuwa. You can take a dip in the cold water or go canoeing in the river. There is also the option of paragliding from Bhedetar to Dharan, one of the biggest cities in the east.